Company History.

V2R Biomedical / Company History

Based in Montreal, Canada, V2R Biomedical was co-founded in 2008 by Dr Michel Poirier DDS and Eric Wagnac Ph.D., Eng.

From the very beginning, the company aimed to streamline the planning, surgical and prosthetic phases of an implant treatment, to the benefit of both clinicians and patients. To do so, it would leverage its patented technology, a multifunctional dental prosthesis system pushing the limits of prosthetically-driven implantology.

Now owned by Ron Tsai CDT, V2R began collaborating with M. Tsai’s network of dental laboratories back in 2011. The group’s insight in state-of-the-art dental materials & manufacturing methods helped to fully implement and further refine the prosthetic aspects at the core of the V2R concept.

In October 2016, Straumann (Straumann Holding AG – SWX: STMN), global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, announced a strategic partnership with V2R Biomedical.

V2R guided surgery solutions are commercially available to licensed dental clinicians in the US and Canada. With biomedical engineering woven into its DNA, V2R Biomedical also remains instinctively dedicated to bringing further innovations to implant dentistry.

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